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It's Morgana, BITCH.

me: M., 21y, leo, SP-BR, period and epic drama freak bitch baby, friday/saturday, dance, coffee, chocolate, pop, icons, mythology, photoshop, notebook, tattoos, nail polish, men with long hair
ships: Spartacus/Sura, Barca/Pietros, Naevia/Crixus, Varro/Aurelia, Spartacus/Aurelia, Anne/Henry, Anne/Smeaton, Denna/Richard, Kahlan/Richard, Kahlan/Cara/Richard, Rahl/Denna, Arthur/Morgana (Merlin BBC), Gwen/Lancelot (Merlin BBC), Morgana/Morgause, Arthur/Morgaine (TMOA), Morgaine/Lancelot (TMOA), Morgaine/Accolon (TMOA), Arthur/Lancelot (TMOA), Jack/Aliena, Tom/Ellen
crushes: Bridget Regan, Jessica Marais, Tabrett Bethell, Craig Horner, Emily Foxler, Katrina Law, Brooke Williams, Andy Whitfield, Ben Barnes, Gemma Arterton, Eddie Redmayne
movies&tv: The Mists of Avalon, King Arthur, Tristan+Isolde, Gladiator, Troy, Cleopatra, Dorian Grey, Atonement, Becoming Jane, Disney, The Tudors, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Rome, Legend of the Seker, Merlin, The Pillars of the Earth
books: The Mists of Avalon (Marion Z. Bradley), Warlord Chronicles (Bernard Cornwell), Harry Potter Series (J.K. Rowling), The Picture of Dorian Grey (Oscar Wilde), Interview with the Vampire (Anne Rice), The Other Boleyn Girl (Philippa Gregory), Sword of Truth series (Terry Goodkind)

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"a wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leaves before she is left"
-- Marilyn Monroe.